Senator Aquino Files Senate Resolution Probing Lousy, Expensive Philippines Data Connection


Manila, PH — The Senate should investigate why consumers are paying “steep” prices for “poor” Internet connectivity in the country, Senator Paolo Benigno “Bam” Aquino IV said.

In a statement released on on Tuesday April 22nd, Bam Aquino said the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) should provide a “logical and clear explanation” the slow and expensive Internet costs in the Philippines. The data connection in the Philippines are way expensive compare to those of its Southeast Asian neighbors, such as Singapore and Thailand, even though the internet connections in the country are “slow and sometimes unreliable.”

Aquino’s call comes after reports showed that the the country has the slowest Internet connection amongst the Southeast Asian nations.

“There are constant complaints about the provider’s failure to deliver on its promised connection speed, which usually leads to slow Internet link,” the Senator Aquino said. Additionally, Senator Bam wants to know why other ASEAN territories enjoy much faster Internet connection at a affordable tier while the Philippines bears the expensive and slow data connection.

Aquino will file a Senate resolution on May to formalize his proposal. The senator likewise said that the Senate should ponder ways to improve the Philippines’ Internet infrastructure, which he said is vital to the country’s economic growth.

An infographic we reported earlier this month showed the Philippines falls out behind all its other Asian neighbors in terms of average Internet speed. The Philippines shadowed behind the following Southeast Asian countries:

  • Singapore (61 mbps)
  • Thailand (17.7 mbps)
  • Vietnam (13.1 mbps)
  • Cambodia (5.7 mbps)
  • Malaysia (5.5 mbps)
  • Myanmar and Brunei (4.9 mbps)
  • Indonesia (4.1 mbps)
  • Laos (4 mbps)

[Photo: Senator Bam Aquino’s Facebook]

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