Lee Min Ho ‘Standard Man’ gives justice to L’Officiel Hommes Korea magazine cover

Photo: L'Officiel Hommes

South Korean Hallyu superstar Lee Min Ho is featured in the May 2014 issue of L’Officiel Hommes Korea magazine, and he is called the ‘Standard Man’ on the cover. Considering the direction of his life, from the lows after his auto accident to his exorbitant rise to Hallyu stardom. With Lee Min Ho’s integrity and dedication to his work to achieve his current status, he has truly brought a new standard for the aspiring and young Asian male who is not only handsome on the outside appearance but also beautiful attitude on the inside.

“Lee is just behind the camera, it is better to style an ordinary young man who is not afraid to show it,” said L’Officiel Hommes.

Lee Min Ho did the L’Officiel Hommes photo-shoot for May issue around the time he was starting to shoot his on the new film Gangnam Blues, and he brings a cool, almost aloof but pensive look, every bit a man on the rise who men in the business world may aspire to.

“All the work I have a special meaning to me. Each piece had every reason to choose the obvious,” said Lee Min Ho.

In an interview between Lee Min Ho and L’Officiel Hommes, the superstar shared that he likes well-fitted black jeans, and when he’s traveling, sunglasses and tablet PC is a must bring belongings. He also said that when he’s on anxiety, he is listening to music and he said that happiness and love are amongst the greatest emotional need in life. One thing you may not know with Lee Min Ho, he loves playing PC games.

Source: L’Officiel Hommes Korea

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