Tarlac City LGU relocates informal-settler families in time for rainy season


Province of Tarlac, Philippines – About 100 families have been given lots on a relocation site in Barangay Binauganan in Tarlac City.

Tarlac city mayor Gelacio “Ace” Manalang stated that these families are those who have been forced to be dispersed from the riverside situated in Masalasa Creeks as part of the clearing operation along waterways of the city.

Ace Manalang noted that the city government is has an ongoing clearing operations in preparation for the wet season and typhoons.

Furthermore, the city mayor said the project is also in pursuant to the Writ of Mandamus from the Supreme Court ordering to clear all waterways draining to Manila Bay.

The city government has recently implemented the demolition of all temporary structures including housesholds, stores, billboards, and amongst others that situated on the aforementioned areas. Those affected households have been given Php5,00 worth of financial assistance in addition to the constructing materials including sand, cement, and other equipments that would be used to rise their new house.

“At least now they would no longer be called as informal settlers but a part of the community that have a decent living.”

Taralc city information officer, Lawyer Fred Sabado said that the 100 families who’ve been awarded with lots of beneficiaries were granted at least 60 squares meters and below depending on the number of family households.

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