Michael Brown video, Missouri State troopers take over security

A Michael Brown 10-minute video emerges, according to Wolf Blitzer Report in CNN, after few days of tension between the local police and the Ferguson community. The video could help the investigators to unveil the mystery of the shooting. In the video was Brown lying on the floor for 10 minutes while many people were in the background.

The shooting of Michael Brown continues to disturb the community in Ferguson as the people demand justice. After days of clashes between the local police and the protesters, Gov. Jay Nixon decided to utilized the Missouri State Highway Patrol in charge of the security.

“At this particular point, the attitudes weren’t improving, and the blocks towards expression appeard to be a flashpoint,”, he said.

The governor promised a shift in tone under Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson, an African-American veteran of the force, who currently commands about 300 troopers.

Capt. Johnson addressed protesters directly Thursday evening, fielding questions and assuring them things would be different. “I don’t expect to have what we had last night,” he said.

President Barack Obama on Thursday expressed concern over the “violent turn” of events, saying there is no excuse for violence against police, or for law enforcement to use excessive force against peaceful protesters.

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