7.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Nepal Killed Hundreds

Taken from Omar Havana/Getty Images.

Kathmandu, Nepal – An estimated 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal near their capital city of Kathmandu just before noon of Saturday, April 25 leaving hundreds in rubble and trapped by debris of collapsed buildings in the area.

Residents of Kathmandu ran to the streets as buildings fell when aftershocks continue to occur after the massive quake. By afternoon, the US Geological Survey have recorded 12 aftershocks, each with a magnitude of 6.6, and had added more casualties of the said quake.

Image taken from BBC.

Image taken from BBC

The government had already declared a state of emergency in the affected areas leading to hospitals overwhelmed by the number of victims rushed by rescuers around. A national spokesperson said that over 800 people had died and 524 of it was in Kathmandu. People in the streets have been seen crying over the rubble of bricks that buried their loved ones alive during the quake. Reports said that the death toll will continue to arise as rescuers continue to dig through the rubble to recover bodies of people.

Image taken from BBC.

Image taken from BBC.

In Mount Everest, several campers had been running for their lives as avalanches hit and destroyed their base camps when the earthquake occurred. Two people died and eight were badly injured said by an official of the state tourism department, Tulasi Prasad Gautam.

This was the first earthquake to struck a Himalayan nation in the span of 80 years and was also the worst to strike Nepal since 1934. USGS said that the earthquake was very shallow meaning greater damage.

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