Queen Beyonce dressed up Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose Jersey One-Piece Swimswear for the ‘Feeling Myself’ Official Music Video with Nicki Minaj


Forget the 2015 NBA Playoffs buzzer-beaters, Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose is back because of Beyonce. The multi-Grammy Award-winning singer can be seen rocking a Derrick Rose jersey bikini in the music video for “Feeling Myself,” a Nikki Minaj single that she’s featured in.

Beyonce and Nicki Minaj’s music video “Feeling Myself” debuted exclusively on Tidal — Jay Z’s on-demand digital music streaming service — and shows Beyonce laying in a pool with the said female rapper wearing a Derrick Rose swimsuit jersey.

This is the second time that the iconic superstar artist has been seen in an NBA gear. A few days ago, this photo of the Houston native sporting a James Harden jersey showed up on social media.

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