iPhone 7 Release Date, Specs, Features, Rumors: Apple to ditch iPhone 7’s headphone jack in favor of its slim form-factor & design


Apple iPhone 7 sports new features, new design and hardware and verything you need to know!

Apple’s new flagship smartphone well-known as the iPhone 7 may be few months away from making a public debut, but the hype around the much-anticipated cellular device has already gaining momentum. Random leaks scattered across the worldwide web have exposed a number of new features of the Cupertino-based giant firm’s iPhone 7, but some reports of the most valuable technology company’s purported plan to ditch out the headphone jack has stirred up controversy.

Nothing specifics and officials regarding the Apple iPhone 7 is certain at the moment, but speculations regarding technology titan on discarding the 3.5mm headphone jack has triggered an uproar among Apple fans. It is reportedly rumored that the lightning connector will replace the headphone jack in future iPhones, perhaps in all other handheld devices like iPads and iTouch.

Dumping away the headphone jack may not be an innovation in the any sense, but it can apparently change the form factor and design of a smartphone. Some believe that it will help the technology firm to make the iPhone 7 a thinner. However, it may help Apple to improve and enhance other hardware internally.

Some Apple fans may not welcome Apple’s innovative move to ditch out the 3.5mm headphone jack, but it may turn into just another change that consumers will soon adopt.

Apple is reportedly be making huge changes to the iPhone 7 design, as a new render purported suggest to be an early schematic for the new iOS-based flagship smartphone has turned up online, potentially offering hints as to the final device.

It’s worth noting that last year, the company filed a patent application for a new composite metal material that simply looks just like anodised metal, but it allows the transfer of radio waves.

That said, Apple could also ditch away the antenna bands line that found at the back of the iPhones, retaining the all-metal unibody design, and avoid the issue of visible white bands. As for iPhone 7 release date, it is expected to be launched some time in September, with pre-orders and public release in the coming week after the announcement.

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