iPhone 7 Release Date Confirmed By Leaks, But Apple’s Tentative Schedules Might Still Be Altered


Latest leaks suggests Apple’s iPhone 7 release date due for September 16th. iPhone 7 pre-orders starts on September 9th with official announcement in September 7th.

Sure, most of you knows that Apple’s annual iPhone announcement schedule tends to fall some time in September, but now we may have the precise new iPhone 7 release date.

Evan Blass, a prominent phone leaker and tech reporter at VentureBeast, has “confirmed” on popular social networking service Twitter that the pre-orders for the upcoming iPhone 7 will start in September 9th, with a subsequent release date of September 16th. With all that being said, this only means that we should expect the Cupertino-based technology giant company to schedule the flagship smartphone’s official launching for September 7th.

Meanwhile, the exact details surrounding the premium smartphone remain vague, but are still considering that the the new device will probably have a dual camera sensors and that it won’t feature a standard 3.5mm headphone jack. What remains interesting, however, is the speculation that Apple’s next iteration smartphone won’t actually be named the iPhone 7 – Forbes has reported that it will have the “iPhone 6SE” moniker instead.

That said, it would make a lot of sense as we know that the most valuable tech company has massive plans for the 10th anniversary of the original iPhone in 2017, where speculations of an overhaul redesign has already leaked. Such a cellular devices was never likely to be called the iPhone 7S.

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