Apple iPhone 7 Release Date, Specs, Features: Everything you need to know, iPhone 7 Plus Release Date and more

iPhone 7 release date, price

The upcoming iPhone 7 is expected to be far faster that its predecessor, and come in new color variants, an all-new new speakers and more, according to a new report.

The report comes from the ever reliable KGI Securities, which seems to reveal almost everything about the Apple’s latest smartphone. Apple is scheduled to unveil the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus smartphones, and probably iPhone 7 Pro, at a special launch event tomorrow.

Apple’s new flagship smartphone will come in two new color models – and the Cupertino-based technology company will no longer offer the classic Space Grey color variant. Instead, the firm will be offering a “dark black” color version alongside a “”piano black” premium color model, according to the report from KGI Securities. Now, there will be five color variant in the line-up to choose form.

That piano black version may even be considered as an exclusive to the more expensive, premium high storage capacity models of the iPhone 7, with initial release of the said model will be extremely limited because of limited supply.

Under the hood, the next-generation flagship smartphone will be getting a major hardware upgrade by adding in the A10 chipset that will power the device as its brain.

One of the biggest changes to the next iteration phone, however, would be the rear-facing camera sensor. As well as using dual-lens technology, the iPhone 7 will also include other key features like optical zoom that will overlay shots together to create far better images.

The company will also change the camera flash to allow it to light up people’s faces more realistically in captured images. Alongside other new remarkable technologies that should make the device far better at taking photographs in the low light conditions. Ever since, Tim Cook-led tech firm has been highlighting the the cameras in its smartphone products, showing off images taken from the phone during product launch events.

Now, the most controversial alteration and upgrade will be Apple’s decision to ditch the headphone jack port from the upcoming phone. The latest iPhone 7 rumors suggest on how exactly that will happen, and how the company will try to win consumers. The new phone will include an earphones after all, but it will plug into the Lightning cable charging port.

With that said, Apple uses the extra space freed up by the headphone jack port to add additional improvements to the screen and built-in stereo speakers. On the bottom anatomy of the phone, there will be a speaker grille, and improve the pressure-sensitive Force Touch display.

As for the iPhone 7 release date including every model’s pricing will be found here.

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