Black Friday Deals: Wrap your beloved gadgets with Slick Wraps!

Even though SlickWraps haven’t shipped most of the orders (including mine) in their last APOCALYPSE sale (that 40% off on all wraps), they announced yet another sale this Black Friday! Hey it’s Black Friday, everybody seems to be on sale for some reason right?

I ordered 15″ Macbook Pro with Touchbar skins last month. One natural skin, I think it’s a Bamboo top cover, and another one is a leather cover set. They processed my order almost immediately, and until now it’s still processing! Haha! But that should not discourage yih from buying anything at Even though they suck at shipping, they will definitely deliver your order and it’s guaranteed to arrive in your doorstep, before you die. Anyway, we just need to be patient and wait. Orders this Black Friday will surely be shipped by January 2017 or earlier.

As Black Friday is fast approaching, will be selling their awesome wraps at half the price! Yes boys and girls, that’s 50% off the normal price! If you already bought one last sale, then there’s no reason to not buy again! That’s half the price baby! You can just buy a lot of slick wraps, then put it in your storage as a replacement for the skins that you already bought, so that you can change your skins everytime you’re in the mood of skin change.

Their sale starts at 11/25 12 midnight CST until 11:59PM of the same day! Best of all, no need to enter any code to shop at Technically, it’s like an early Cyber Momday sale, because it’s online. But who cares about technicalities! Only Sheldon Does! Haha!

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