Walmart Black Friday 2016 Deals: Walmart Pushing Holiday Shoppers Yo Use Its App, Part Of Its Mega Thanksgiving Sales Campaign

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Walmart is luring shoppers with its early Black Friday 2016 deals to get retailer’s app as part of Walmart’s mega Black Friday 2016 deals sales on Thanksgiving day.

Walmart is luring shoppers with its early Black Friday 2016 deals to get retailer's app as part of Walmart's mega Black Friday 2016 deals sales on Thanksgiving day.

Adapting to the future of the way consumers purchase goods and services with more and more Black Friday deals shoppers are shopping through the Internet. It is significantly growing and the retail industry analysts can’t wait to see how much inventory retailers will sell on e-commerce that festive day. Walmart is largely pushing customers to use its mobile app more often by luring them with in-app exclusively low-priced elusive deals.

Walmart said on its press release that the company would beef up its inventory dedicated to Black Friday 2016 online sales of its Black Friday deals by a whopping 50 percent. Those heavily discounted items will be available early morning on Thanksgiving day, November 24th, just a minute after midnight, before being offered in its location stores nationwide at 6PM.

On Thursday, a couple of weeks prior to the Thanksgiving day, the chain began to offer a slew of merchandise which customers can only purchase through Walmart’s app. The Arkansas-based retail giant is directing as much of its orders traffic to its flagship “Walmart Store App” as possible. Walmart pushing the use of mobile app to better get customers shopping behaviors. The big box is also trying to get American consumers to use it mobile payment app more often. One thing is clear, Walmart is luring shoppers with its early Black Friday 2016 deals, for the latter to download and install its app in preparation and as part of its mega Black Friday 2016 sales on Thanksgiving day.

Walmart is projecting a 280 million visits to Walmart mobile shopping app in the span of November-December period holiday sales season. Some of the items now available at very early Walmart Black Friday 2016 Deals in-app exhibition include Hitachi 65-inch 4K Ultra HDTV for only $599 ($400 savings), a Microsoft’s Xbox One S 500GB Minecraft gaming console bundle with an additional wired controller priced at $279 ($20 savings), and an Acer 15.6-inch Core i5 touchscreen laptop for just $299 ($150 savings).

Walmart’s focuses on the e-commerce marketplace or online, and is the significantly logical outcome of changing shopping behaviors. In 2015, for the first time in the history, more consumers purchased online than in physical stores during the Thanksgiving-Black Friday weekend shopping party.

We have collated all the details you need to know regarding the Walmart Black Friday 2016 ads as well as its deals, online specials, wristband dorbusters, store window hours, opening times and more in our Black Friday 2016 hub. Find all Walmart Black Friday 2016 deals ad here.

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